V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs has helped millions of chain smokers to permanently switch to electronic cigarettes. The V2 Cigs offers most appropriate nicotine strength cartridge, the best e-liquid flavors and the most optimum electric cigarette battery.

 V2 Cigs has become favorite of many because they offer best quality e cigarettes at an affordable price. The starter kit from V2 Cigs has everything that you may need to begin VAPING!

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 V2 Cigs is also the worlds most popular and America’s most favored electronic cigarette brand. The main reason why smokers prefer V2 Cigs to any other brand is because these e cigs are:

free from second hand smoke

free from cancer causing carcinogens

free from carbon monoxide gas and tobacco

helping smokers save one third of their monthly smoking bills

allowing smokers to satisfy their nicotine urge in public places

So, what does V2 Cigs have in store for you in the year 2013? To know the answer, simply read what our elite research analyst has to say. The research analysts have reviewed V2 Cigs electronic cigarette brand on the basis of five major criterions. They are:

The Overall Appearance

First and foremost, the appearance of the V2 Cig starter kit is simply perfect. Over here, you have the option of customizing your own e cig starter kit, by selecting the most appropriate battery, the best electronic cigarette cartridge, the most appropriate e-liquid flavor and ensuring that your chosen nicotine strength in your e-liquid is in sync with your persona.

The Overall Taste

When e cigarettes were initially introduced in the international market, the biggest issue with them was their sour and unpleasant taste. Nonetheless, V2 Cigs changed the entire statistics by introducing deliciously flavored cartridges that allowed smokers to relish a smooth, pleasant and a pleasurable smoking experience. This is one of the main reasons why V2 Cigs has managed to dominate the highly competitive e cig niche for the third year in a row.

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 The Overall Battery Life

The life of an e cigarette battery is of vital importance. A long lasting battery allows smokers to enjoy a pleasurable smoking experience and vice versa. The V2 Cigs battery is an exceptionally long lasting battery. It is backed by an impressive 4.2 volts of power. The V2 battery is sleek in design and it is also available in several attractive colors and sizes.

The Overall Pricing/Value for Money

While it is correct to state that V2 Cig starter kits are not the cheapest in the international smokeless niche, they are undoubtedly the best value for money options available in the year 2013. When you opt for V2Cig, you enjoy complete value for money. You get customized starter kits, the best batteries in the market and the most cherished e-liquid flavors at a highly reasonable price. Besides, the electric cigarette accessories available at the V2 store are undoubtedly the best in the business.

The Final Verdict

Most top e cigarette review websites including Alexa.com, have rated V2 Cigs to be the No.1 electronic cigarette brand for the year 2013. Also known as America’s favorite e cig brand for the year 2013, V2Cigs is undoubtedly the only brand that offers the best electronic cigarette starter kit to enthusiastic smokers.

Whether you are a new or a veteran smoker, if you are seeking the best e cig in the market, you need to simply close your eyes and opt for V2 Cigs, as only then can you experience the true pleasure of puffing a smokeless cigarette.

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